About Us

I, Nidhi Mishra, started Maia - The Boutique where people can find stylishly aesthetic and exquisite bags. I believe bags are like friends as they are always there for us, are a great support and always make us look good and remarkable. I love my friends, and I love my bags. I know there are many like me, so Maia is the right stop for you to find the one that's going to be by your side in every big or small moment of your life.

So what's special about Maia - The Boutique? The name resembles my maternal grandmother, aka my Naani's name Maya. It is also named after a great woman warrior.

Maia - The Boutique has some of the finest collections that reflect Indian creativity with Banjara and Boho Vintage Bags. What makes the brand different from others is that not all the bags are made with leather or thin velvet. Most of the bags Maia sells are handmade, woven with vintage fabrics curated from different parts of India. If you know how to love your bag as you love yourself, it will be by your side for many years.

So pick the bag that you think is worthy of being your best companion. Help my small business grow, and we promise to keep adding more and more artistically beautiful collections as we flourish!